February 2017

St Patrick's Green Construction Update - February 2017

Wow, the concrete structure of St Patrick's Green is almost complete! With The O’Farrell up to level 10, The Tanner complete, and The Moore kicking-off this month, we are just weeks away from seeing the full height of our project — we cannot wait to soak in the views.

The brickwork and external facades are well-underway on both The O’Farrell and The Tanner buildings, with the internal walls following at a fast pace. Both Greengate and Multiplex have been working tirelessly to ensure we maintain a high level of quality, whilst still ensuring that the job keeps moving at a good speed.

The hydraulic, electrical and mechanical services are all starting to take shape from the basement up. Currently the basements are already 80-90% complete.

A special mention needs to be given to the hard working team out on-site who have endured some sweltering temperatures over the past few months. Despite the heat, they have continued to put in the hard yards, and haven’t dropped the pace — well done team.

If you would like any further information on St Patrick's Green, or any of our other Greengate Care Villages, please don't hesitate to contact us. To view a display apartment, or to discuss reserving an apartment, please call us on 02 9256 5644 or email us at stpatricksgreen@greengate.com.au.