April 2019

A Little Advice for your Big Move

Article by David Ball, resident of St Patrick’s Green

After 20 years in our previous townhouse, my wife and I had certainly collected a good number of physical memories and well as emotional good times. When looking at our timber furniture, which we’d had specifically made for our home, we were faced with the question: how were we going to fit it all in our new apartment at St Patrick’s Green? We knew we had to downsize, so after getting rid of a lot of items to friends and buyers, we sat down to plan how things would work in our new space.

To help us plan the layout, Greengate had given us an A3-sized floorplan of our apartment. We had this laminated, then used cardboard to cut-out pieces of furniture to scale. We then used blue-tack to stick these on our laminated layout, and continued rearranging them until we found a layout which worked. It was like being back at school doing this exercise, but it really helped us to figure out what would and wouldn’t fit.
Before we knew it, the move in day was fast approaching. The team at St Patrick’s Green were very good for allowing us to move in our furniture a few days before final settlement. It took so much pressure off of us to know that our furniture would already be in our apartment once we had settled. This also gave us time to sort out the hundred other things that need to be done when moving out of and selling the family home! 
We officially moved into our retirement apartment on our settlement day. Apart from a few hours delay at settlement due to an incorrect name on a bank cheque, everything else that day was hassle-free. It was good when we arrived at St Patrick’s Green and were warmly welcomed in by the staff and helpers. If you need help at St Patrick’s Green, feel free to ask for it - the other residents and staff members will be able to assist you.
At St Patrick’s Green, the retirement residents meet every morning in the café for morning tea. After settling in, we decided to attend the morning tea gatherings on a regular basis. We did have a lot of things to do and boxes to unpack, but we thought that it was important to make time to get to know our new neighbours. Many people can feel intimidated by not knowing everyone’s name. To that I say, well how can you if you have never met them before? If there’s one piece of advice I can give, it’s don’t be afraid, just ask! No one is going to be annoyed with you for introducing yourself. 
My wife and I also recommend that you keep going to the events organised by both Greengate and the residents once you are settled in. The monthly lunches held by the sales team to help newcomers to the village are a great place to meet new people. A tip for you: when meeting new people, have a story at the ready. People like to know a bit about your history, such as where you used to live, or what you did for work. If you’re stuck for what to talk about, every resident has one thing in common, and it’s the shared experience of moving into the village – so talk about your move and everyone will be able to relate.
The residents in the village get together regularly for all sorts of social clubs and activities, so join in and start to enjoy your new community - but if you wish to remain separate, that is perfectly okay too. 
Finally, we’d like to add, that everyone unpacks in their own time, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. I have heard of people unpacking in 2 days, yet there are others who still have things to unpack after 12-14 months. All is ok. Our experience was about 4 weeks to unpack and get things organised. Don’t forget to use the picture hanging service that is provided by St Patrick’s Green when you move in. Many people have said their apartment truly started to feel like home when the pictures were hung, and my wife and I found this to be true.
To find out more about the brand-new retirement apartments at St Patrick’s Green, Kogarah call the friendly sales team today on 02 9097 9175 or email stpatricksgreen@greengate.com.au