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December 2018

Expert Tips for Moving into a Retirement Village

When it comes to moving into a retirement village, no one is better equipped to give advice than our actual residents. We sat down with Patricia and Daphne from St Brigid’s Green, so that we could provide you with real, first-hand advice. Both Patricia and Daphne have made the big move and haven’t looked back, so if you’re thinking of moving into a village, keep reading for their expert tips.

December 2018

How to Downsize and Cut the Clutter

Making the decision to leave the family home and downsize to a smaller, easier to manage retirement apartment can be a daunting decision. 
If you are someone who is living in a large house, and are feeling overwhelmed at the sheer thought of moving, rest assured this is a normal emotion and you are not alone. We spoke to Lorraine Cox, Director and Founder of Downsizing with Ease, who has successfully moved over 100 residents into Greengate Villages. Here is what she had to say:
December 2018

Celebrating One Year of Village Life

It’s now been one year since we opened the doors of St Patrick’s Green, Kogarah to our first Retirement Village residents. Even though we are now home to over 100 seniors, our village still hasn’t lost that brand-new feeling you get when you enter into the exquisite reception area. 

November 2018

Final Floor of our Boutique Aged Care Home Opens 12 November

The first three floors of our Aged Care Home in Kogarah were met with such high demand that we are opening up our fourth and final floor on Monday, 12 November 2018. This will see another 23 suites added to our community, most of which feature stunning aspects over Botany Bay and the surrounding St George area. 

October 2018

Soak in that Botany Bay View

You’re sitting on the balcony of your new apartment. The sun is rising over the water and the Sydney skyline to your north is silhouetted against the pink sky. You feel the cool sea breeze and you take a moment to appreciate where you are. The view to Botany Bay is beautiful at this time of morning, and from where you’re sitting you can take it all in. You head inside and down the lift to the café for a coffee – who knew retirement living could be so easy?

October 2018

Sydney Village Green Spring 2018

Spring is here, bringing with it warmer weather and our latest edition of the Village Green newsletter. This Spring we decided to take a fresh approach for our readers and focused in on the Sydney real estate market. We also discussed our Sydney Villages, St Patrick's Green in Kogarah and St Brigid's Green in Maroubra.
Please click the image to read the 2018 Spring Edition of the Sydney Village Green, or scroll down to view each article. 
October 2018

We Get It: Our Unique Approach to Dementia

Did you know there are over 100 types of Dementia? The Care Team at St Patrick’s Green does and they understand that each type requires a different approach to care. Every team member in our Aged Care Home undertakes Dementia training, which supports the individual style of care they provide to each of the residents living with Dementia in Synergy House. 

October 2018

Making a Smooth Transition into Aged Care

Anyone who’s had a loved one move into a Residential Aged Care Home knows what a daunting experience it can be. For many, it comes with mixed emotions; some might be sad about leaving the family home, scared, or simply unwilling to accept that they need care — all of these are perfectly normal emotions for such a big decision. At St Patrick’s Green we recognise that some people need a little extra help transitioning into Aged Care, whether it be the new resident or their family. That’s why we have introduced a Transition Nurse role at our Aged Care Home in Kogarah, and it’s a game changer for the industry. 

October 2018

An Insider's Perspective on the Sydney Housing Market 

With so much in the news about housing prices in Sydney, and many of our readers left wondering if now is a good time to sell or not, we decided to get to the bottom of our current housing market. We sat down with Shaun Ramani, a local real estate agent based in Sans Souci, to get an insider’s perspective. 
September 2018

St Patrick's Green Awarded Grant for Grandfriends Project

Tanya Davies, the NSW Government’s Minister for Ageing, has awarded St Patrick’s Green a grant for our Grandfriends Project.  The Project focuses on building inter-generational friendships between our Aged Care Home residents and kids from the local pre-school. Each week the kids visit our Kogarah village for morning tea and an activity which our residents help to organise. Not only does this provide a fun opportunity for the pre-schoolers to socialise with the elderly people in our community, but it also provides our residents with joy and a sense of purpose.