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There's always something happening. We'll keep this page updated with major events and items of interest, but if you’d like to be contacted directly with information about upcoming events, please register here if you haven't already.

March 2017

Village Green Autumn 2017

We’re so glad that it’s Autumn, with the change of season bringing some much needed cooler weather and this quarter's edition of the Village Green. As always, the Greengate offices have been a hub of activity. With St Luke’s Green in Woolloongabba soon to open, and everything full-steam ahead on-site at St Patrick’s Green, the time has just flown by. 

February 2017

St Patrick's Green Construction Update - February 2017

Wow, the concrete structure of St Patrick's Green is almost complete! With The O’Farrell up to level 10, The Tanner complete, and The Moore kicking-off this month, we are just weeks away from seeing the full height of our project — we cannot wait to soak in the views.

December 2016

Progress at St Patrick's Green

We can't believe how fast things are moving at St Patrick's Green. Only six months ago, we poured the concrete slab where all of this construction began - now we're here! 

Brookfield Multiplex are doing a fantastic job at keeping the construction on track, whilst also maintaining a high standard of quality with everything they do. All of us here at Greengate can't wait to see where we will be in another six months time.

December 2016

December 2016 Construction Progress

What a busy year it’s been for all of us here at St Patrick’s Green. We just received these photos from one of our prospective residents, and we love them! We're so excited that everything is coming together.  

December 2016

St Patrick's Green Christmas Party 2016

Even though St Patrick's Green is still under construction, that didn't stop us here at Greengate from hosting a Christmas party for some of our future residents. We all got together at St George Motor Boat Club where we had a nice view out over the water. Future residents of Kogarah's newest Retirement Village ate a great lunch and listened to some exciting talks on the construction of St Patrick's Green.

December 2016

Village Green Summer 2016

Summer is well and truly here, and so is this quarter’s edition of the Village Green. Our seniors’ communities are really coming together, and we are excited to share with you what’s been going on in Woolloongabba, Kogarah and Maroubra. So find a shady spot and cool off while you read all the latest news from our Greengate Villages.

October 2016

October 2016 Construction Progress

Construction at St Patrick's Green is moving fast! Take a look at these photos taken by our Project Management Team on site. We love seeing the progress!

September 2016

Village Green Spring 2016

The days are getting warmer with the arrival of Spring! Soak up some sun and read about what has been happening at our Greengate Villages.

December 2015

Village Green Summer 2015/16

With Summer in full swing, find out what's been happening across our Greengate Villages.

June 2015

Village Green Winter 2015

Read about what's been happening in our Winter 2015 edition of the Village Green newsletter.